Thursday, May 7, 2009

Change of Focus

One of the points of this blog was to chronicle the books I read. This would include both historical works (I just finished Henri Pirenne's Economic and Social History of Medieval Europe), but it occurs to me that reviewing historical works by a non-professional (or to be charitable, non-practicing professional historian) is sort of pointless since a layperson is probably not going to read much the heavyweight historical research I've been reading, and people who are already either historians, or history buffs probably already have access to professional grade book reviews.

With that said, I am going to change the focus of the blog (narrow it down, so to speak) to speculative fiction. And perhaps not just books. I'm also going to include gaming articles when I feel the need (I have already done this), and other content. I'm going to also continue with historical fiction too, since well I like that and I consider it a branch of speculative (that is, speculation on how people lived in the past).

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Lance Miller said...

Good stuff, Damon (Pre Trek movie comments, and Clone Wars novel). Keep it coming.

I must admit that I'd be one of the ones skipping over the history text posts - it'd be ridiculously over my head. Between my horrible secondary history teachers, and a (probably too) tech-focused college education, I'm almost completely history-retarded.