Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Movie: District 9

Over on another forum I heard about a new movie produced by Peter Jackson called District 9. Here are a few reasons why I think this movie should be checked out, and why I am excited to see it:

  • Aliens that LOOk like aliens. No funny rubber suits
  • Produced by PJ. After LotR can he do no wrong? Even King Kong was at least entertaining (if not top-tier work for him).
  • It looks like it will be speculative.
In a movie industry of gasoline-fuelled explosions and the "pew, pew!*" factor, something that is both SFinal [i]and[/i] speculative is an excitement for me. I know I am looking forward to this...

*Pew, pew!: the sound a laser blaster makes when firing.

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